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    House Hunting via Opendoor

    No, Mr. Barger and I are not officially house hunting yet. We are stuck in an apartment until I finish my teaching certification, which won’t happen for at least another year and a half. We also need to build up our savings and to knock our credit card debt down. We are the typical American couple in that sense. We are in our early 30s and we do not have a house yet. But that’s OK. Like many millennials, we put off buying a house and chose to focus on establishing a career. We chose to focus on building up…

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    Things You Say or Do When You Have a Cat

    First off, let me apologize to any faithful readers for not updating in about a month. When I started my blog, I wanted to update at least once every week. But when you’re a first-year teacher, you tend to have…

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    Falkor, Our Newest Fur Baby

    I’ll be honest, I picked the title of this post because I thought the term “fur baby” would annoy Mr. Barger. Haven’t I already mentioned that’s what married life is? Annoying each other on purpose until you die? I kid,…

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    New Year, New Teacher, New Me

    In my last post, things seemed pretty bleak. I shared some pretty personal details about my job but I don’t regret it. I feel like people need to know the truth. Teaching is hard. So incredibly hard. I envy my…

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    The Best Cat Products for our Cat, Penny

    As I type this out, Penny is laying between me and Mr. Barger in the bed. She is our little, prickly, loving, and sweet monster cat. Her nicknames, said with a mixture of affection and annoyance, are “Penny Pen-Pen”, “Little…

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    Black Friday

    Mr. Barger and I typically go “window shopping” on Black Friday. And we usually end up buying stuff. Shocker, I know. You’d think we would learn to stop going out on that day, right? But in the six years that…

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    In my last post, I mentioned plans for spending my Thanksgiving break from school.¬†Happy to say that I accomplished said plans and made a dent in my to-watch list for Netflix.¬† Mr. Barger and I also went to his parents’…

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    New location!

    To my faithful readers, thank you for making the jump to my new and improved blog! And for new readers, welcome!

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    Thanksgiving Break

    Pro Church Media I’m officially out for Thanksgiving break and I am so relieved. I slept in today and it felt fantastic. I also took a nap in the middle of the day just because I could. A nap! That…